Speed Culture at Haulover Inlet

Haulover inlet can be particularly treacherous on days where the swells are massive and winds can hit upwards of 18 MPH right into one’s face–which doesn’t seem too fast, unless you’re in the water trying to traverse waves being fed by said winds. 

Following this logic, one would think that flat days are boring, built for the cruisers of the inlet–and they most certainly can be, all things considered.

But for some, those days are the best days to dedicate to that which Haulover has gotten an infamous rep for: speed and thrill

On flat days, these captains pack up and head out there, revving engines and seeing just how fast they can tear through blue-green waves at breakneck speeds. There has been many a close call, with some captains hitting the wake of others and careening into a stuffing situation–and this is with no mention of the biggest threat to these thrillseekers: the law.

As always, it is reminded that Haulover Inlet has a strict speed limit that is to be followed alongside an even stricter police force that is well trained and waiting. 

For you viewers out there, we’ll keep strict coverage of it all.