Huge Mistake at Haulover Inlet

One of the biggest mistakes a new (or seasoned, as is sometimes the case) captain can make is not knowing when to give a boat gas to avoid stuffing into oncoming waves and when to let off to ride the swell.

In this particular incident, danger abounds as two young boys are hanging out on the bow of the boat without any PFD (personal floatation devices).

The captain takes the rough waves slowly, letting the swells tip him too far forward; in an instant, the bow is submerged and a rampaging cascade of water thrashes into the children, causing them to fly off their seats and nearly into the windshield.

It’s a horrifying sight–had the children been tipped just a little further to the sides, there could have been a potential overboard. 

The boys seemed to collect themselves after despite looking rather shaken, and the boat continued on. 

Just another day at Haulover.