News for July 2020

A storm is always dangerous–even more dangerous? Being at sea. Watch as these boats navigate both the sea and the weather all in the name of a good time.

Big waves are big fun for the risk takers at Haulover Inlet; but, does it always pan out for them?

In yet another display of Haulover bravado, these captains take advantage of calm seas to tear through the inlet at top speeds. Included with this package is a healthy set of bow-riding passengers–on boats that aren’t specifically bowriders themselves.


Answers to your burning questions

By far our most popular question on the jetty!  As always, we answer: anything and everything! We are at the inlet nearly 40 hours a week, every week, rain or shine, even in hurricanes. Our mission is to report on and document Haulover and Haulover Inlet in the best way possible, always.

Yes! There is a specific area for dogs (link is in our Fun tab at the top of this page)!

Haulover Park and its adjoining areas is located between the cities of Sunny Isles and Miami Beach.

Haulover is best known for its marina and inlet. Tourists travel from all over the world to visit Haulover, and locals frequent the locale on a daily basis.

Yes! Haulover has over 101 high quality hotels. Places to stay range from commercial giants like the Ritz Carlton to cozy Airbnb accomodations.